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Welcome to Klotho Romania, my passion project that was born out of a need for well-fitting clothes for all body types. As a young entrepreneur at the beginning of her journey, I am thrilled to share my vision with you.

As someone who loves fashion, I have always found it difficult to find clothes that fit me well. Many retail stores offer limited options for those of us with “different” body types, which is why I created Klotho Romania. I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their clothes, no matter their shape or size.

At Klotho Romania, we offer customizable clothing that allows you to choose the design of your clothes, from the sleeves to the neckline. We use only high-quality imported fabrics and work with professionals in Romania for manufacturing to ensure that every piece is made to the highest standards.

We want Klotho Romania to be more than just a brand – we want it to be the best friend that lifts you up and helps you feel empowered. We believe in inclusivity, self-love, and women’s empowerment, and we want to help you feel your best in your clothes. Whether you’re at work or having fun, we promote balance and positivity.

I am so excited to share Klotho Romania with you and embark on this journey together.
Join us and discover the joy of customizable, high-quality fashion that celebrates your unique body shape!

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