At Klotho Romania, we believe that every body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. Unfortunately, many people face discrimination and shame because of their body size, shape, or type. We want to change that by creating a safe space for individuals to share their personal stories and experiences with body image. Our community page is dedicated to highlighting the voices of those who have struggled with body issues, from body shaming to size discrimination. By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire other women to love and accept themselves, no matter what their bodies look like.

“I’ve spent most of my life feeling insecure about my body. I’m short and curvy, which made it difficult to find clothes that fit me well. I’ve been body-shamed by strangers and even people close to me. But I’ve learned that my body is unique and beautiful in its own way. It’s taken time, but I’ve come to accept and love myself for who I am. I hope that by sharing my story, I can inspire other women to do the same.”

– Maria, age 25
“I used to hate shopping for clothes. Every time I walked into a store, I would feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of options for women with larger bodies. I thought there was something wrong with me for not fitting into the standard sizes. But then I started to realize that the problem wasn’t with my body – it was with the fashion industry. Now I’m proud to support brands that celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and I feel confident in my own skin.”

– Anais, age 30
“Shopping for clothes as an oversize person can be a daunting task. Many stores don’t carry sizes that fit me, and I’ve been turned away from trying on clothes at certain places. It’s hard not to take it personally and feel like there’s something wrong with me. But I’ve come to realize that the problem isn’t with me – it’s with the fashion industry’s lack of inclusivity.”

– Bianca, age 21
“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life, and it’s taken a toll on my self-esteem. For a long time, I felt like I had to hide my body and wear clothes that didn’t really fit me properly. Being able to customize the design of my clothes gave me the confidence to embrace my body and feel proud of who I am.”

– Denise, age 25
“As a teenager, I was constantly teased for being ‘too skinny.’ I felt like I had to hide my body and wear baggy clothes to avoid the comments. It wasn’t until I started dressing in clothes that accentuated my body type, that I realized my body was a strength, not a weakness. I learned to embrace my unique body shape and to love myself for who I am.”

– Oana, age 22

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